Sage Customer Support Phone Number

Phone Number USA: +1-855-228-6818
Call Time: 24 Hours 7 Days, also available on holidays

Accounting software is a type of program that helps the business to control and manage their details related to finance and accounts. It can be accessed online, from any location and at any time. The software is generally paid and comes with monthly or annual subscriptions depending on its usage, complexity, cost, and worth. The accounting software helps to manage budgets, maintain and send invoices, can generate payslips and pay the staff and the employees, etc. There are many accounting software that is being developed and introduced in the market, but Sage Accounting software also known as Sage 50 has no comparison. The cloud-based accounting software is known for cutting the cost which users have to pay while managing their accounts and finance. Every successful business has one thing in common that is they are ready for every kind of situation and for that they use Sage accounting software.

Important Features of Sage 50

Some of the exciting and brilliant features of Sage which makes it completely unique and genuine are listed below:

  • Up to 5 users can be licensed with the premium version of Sage
  • All users are provided with certain access level so that security can be maintained. This permission includes adding, edit, view only or none options.
  • It is perfect for broadcasting invoices and bills
  • You can set the formulas for your inventory items so that you can calculate and recalculate the prices of all inventory
  • One can filter the sales by using various attributes like customer, date or item
  • You have the customizable screen where you have the option to access and view vendors data along with vendor part number
  • You can view raise history of each employee
  • You can expand the employee information which is visible on the computer screen
  • You can monitor the flowing cash and pay bills online via this tool
  • Managing job and inventory become easy with this software
Important Features of Sage 50

How can users business get benefited by using Sage?

The business of all sizes will get benefit from Sage accounting software:

  • Tasks related to HR and payroll become smooth
  • Complete the bank reconciliation and various other VAT returns
  • It can operate across various multiple currencies, countries, languages, and regions
  • With the help of smart inventory management, one can avoid over and under stocking
  • Stay updated with changing tax rules
Benefits of Sage

How to Install Sage Accounting Software?

In order to install Sage accounting software in your system be it Mac or Windows users should log in as administrator and then they should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • If you have the CD of this software then just insert it on the CD/DVD drive and open the folder to locate the setup file
  • If you don’t have a CD then go to the official website to download the .exe file for installing the software
  • Click on the setup file to run the installer
  • Agree to the prompt that says ‘Do you want following program to make changes to your computer?’
  • You will be asked to select the language in which you want your software to install
  • Then you have to select the type of installation will it be Advanced or Server
  • After choosing the desired option, enter the product key and accept the license agreement
  • Once the installation wizard will complete the task of installation you will be asked to open the program.
Install Sage Accounting Software

How to Contact SAGE 50 Support Number?

Being the accounting tool, Sage too can witness few glitches and these may vary from users to users. But for removing all these shortcomings the users have to call Sage technical support number where the expert team will resolve your queries. The professional will help you with every step from installation to updating it. You will be also provided with the training about how to use this accounting tool for managing finance. By communicating with Sage customer service number you can transform the way how users use to manage their business by using Sage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to resolve Sage installation error 1935?

While installing Sage, users sometimes face error code 1935 and if you want to resolve this issue you must follow the steps given below:

  • You need to make it sure that your Windows is updated with the latest version and all the other essential applications are also up-to-date
  • Ensure that your computer and laptop is compatible with the version of Sage software which you are downloading
  • Net software Framework to the latest version

And always use the trusted site to download Sage accounting software and if still, you are not able to fix the issue then you are free to call Sage customer support number to get all the help.

How to resolve the issue of ‘Unable to open Sage company file’?

If you are trying to open any Company file in Sage but it is not opening then you must try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Disable all the antivirus software that might block Sage
  • Check the file of error logs
  • Verify that company file has no hidden or read-only attribute
  • Try to verify whether SAJ folder contains any duplicate files or not

If the given mentioned tips do not help you in solving your issue then it is recommended to take help of Sage customer care number where techies are there to guide you in fixing the problem

How to fix the issue when Sage has stopped working?

There can be various reasons why your Sage software stopped working like:

  • Anti-virus software might be interrupting
  • New service release is not installed
  • Damage files and corrupted registry files and etc.

So as to resolve the issue you must execute following troubleshooting steps:

  • Try rebooting the computer and then open the Sage software
  • You should block any interfering application
  • Remove all kinds of damaged and corrupted files
  • Scan your system for various viruses and malware

After following these steps your issue will be resolved completely but if it still persists then just take the help from experts.