QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Service Number

QuickBooks Enterprise is a software designed by Intuit Inc. to handle the business and manage the complex business operations. QuickBooks enterprise works with every version of Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS and Android also.

Intuit Inc. regularly release the new version of QuickBooks Enterprise with new features for their consumers.

Amazing features of QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise has some awesome features which make it more reliable and efficient. Let’s see some awesome features which have made it so popular. If you are also a QuickBooks user and wants to know more about this software then you can call on the QuickBooks Enterprise customer service number.

  • Work from Anywhere: Since QuickBooks Enterprise works with every OS then it makes the work easier for its users. They can use QuickBooks Enterprise anywhere any time.
  • Payroll processing in a snap: One of the best features of QuickBooks Enterprise is this that it makes the payroll processing quite easy. One can make unlimited checks with direct deposit. You can pay your employees quickly and easily.
  • Enhanced reporting: This helps in making complex reports quite easily. You can make reports for many purposes like manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and contractor in a customized and simple way.
Features of QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Advanced inventory: You can manage the complex inventory system in an easier way with the advanced inventory management. It works very efficiently for inventory based business.
  • Secure, Quick and Easy payments: QuickBooks payments directly take your payments in your bank Accounts. You can insert a pay now link in an email while sending the invoices.
  • Customized solutions to tailors market needs: This accounting software is designed to meet the specific business requirements in a more efficient way. You can manage all your needs in a customized way.
  • Mobile Inventory barcode scanner: With this feature, you can easily and efficiently do all the data entries of inventory. You can transfer and send the inventory data, sales order wirelessly at different warehouses if you have an internet connection.
  • Improved sales order management and inventory picking: This feature allows managing the sales order in an easy and efficient way. You can plan out urgent orders and complete them across warehouses. You can send the inventory chart on your worker’s mobile phones.
  • Priority circle loyalty program: This feature allows some QuickBooks most valuable customers’ access to loyal customer success manager. It will help you by providing labor in crucial situations to reach your goal. They ensure that you have the right products to get a good outcome.
  • Multi-monitor support: This feature helps you increase your productivity by changing your monitor setup to your work style. You can make customer list on one screen and build invoices on other. You can put profit insights together from one or more monitors. You can even open one companies file on another company’s monitor.
  • Makes Enhanced inventory reports: You can make all the inventory reports in a manner you want.

Technical Issues while using QuickBooks Enterprise

Although QuickBooks Enterprise is an awesome software, but it also meets up with issues sometimes. We will discuss about some issues.

  • Using in accounting tools.
  • Installing and configuring of QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC drive.
  • Upgrading the QuickBooks Enterprise to the latest
  • Setting up an invoice number in QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Configuring the network and server settings.
  • Upgrading the software on all the workstation.
Technical Issues of QuickBooks Enterprise

All these problems can be fixed by some methods or with the help of QuickBooks helpline number. On customer helpline number experts will assist you 24X7 and will try their best to solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install and configure QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC drive?


  • Open the QuickBooks Enterprise in your computer.
  • Click on the utility bar on the menu.
  • In the appeared window click on the “ODBC configuration”.
  • Then select “use the company file that is now open in the QuickBooks option”.
  • Turn on “Test connection to QuickBooks”.
  • Click on the message section and choose “Message tracing”.
  • Turn on the “Display optimizer status panel”.
  • Now click on the optimizer tab check if the path of the optimizer is ODBC. If not, then change it to OBDC.
  • Choose the option “The last time I pressed one of the load data buttons”.
  • At last click on the Apply button to update the changes.


  • Open the QuickBooks enterprise software.
  • Select the file name from the menu.
  • Then utilities > setup ODBC.
  • Click on the general tab.
  • Use the company file which is now open on the QuickBooks option.
  • Enter the required QuickBooks data.
  • Test connection to QuickBooks button.
  • A message will appear on the screen which says “test connection to QuickBooks successful”. Choose the message tab.
  • Detail tracing.
  • Display optimizer status panel.
  • To check what ODBC is working, select the Display Driver status panel.
  • Click Apply.

How to Set Up and start an invoice number in QuickBooks Enterprise?

  • Launch the QuickBooks Enterprise software.
  • Before setting up an invoice number you have to change the company settings.
  • Click on the gear icon in the QuickBooks.
  • Click on sales from entry.
  • In the custom number section, check the custom transaction number box.
  • Click save.
  • Now you will be able to edit all the number fields on your sales forms, including the invoice number.
  • When you edit a number, either you save or send it the QuickBooks remembers it for future.

How to upgrade QuickBooks to its latest version?

  • Open QuickBooks enterprise software.
  • Scroll down and click on the updates at the bottom left of the window.
  • This will automatically redirect you to the official website of QuickBooks.
  • Click on download.
  • After downloading restart your computer to upgrade all the changes.