‘Key File not Found’ or ‘Bad Key File’ Error While Opening Sage 50

Sage 50 software can be used by businesses of all sizes and can be accessed by users from anywhere. It is one of the prominent software which helps the users to manage their business productively. The issue of ‘key file not found’ or ‘bad key file’ is caused when the user tries to work on the software to manage payrolls, finances, account data, and other payment-related issues. This error can be caused due to various reasons and can be resolved as well. You will find the causes along with the methods and instructions to fix this error below. These instructions are definitely going to help you resolve the problem. But if it doesn’t work, you have an option of calling Sage customer support number to get professional guidance by the experts who will give you a detailed solution to the problem.

Causes of Sage 50 ‘key files not found’ error:

– When you mistakenly remove some key files from ‘shared document’ folder
– If any malware or online threat enters your PC , this can be one of the great reasons for this error
– When issues are created by any anti-virus software
– If the key files are removed from the ‘users’ folder and get shifted somewhere else

Methods to fix this error:

Method 1: If your computer is shared over a network, then there is a chance that the antivirus or the firewall of other computers is affecting the Sage 50 software. So you need to disconnect your computer from the shared network and launch Sage 50 accounting software again

Method 2: Another solution to the problem of ‘key file not found’ error is that you can run this software as the administrator by following the given steps:

– You need to click right on the Sage 50 software icon
– Select Run as administrator from the menu
– You can start and run the program again to see whether the issue has been resolved or not
– If the error still exists, you can move to the further step

Method 3: This step is very general. You can just uninstall the Sage 50 accounting software and install it again. You can go to control panel and then ‘programs and features’ and uninstall the software. Now when you download it again , make sure that you are downloading the latest version of the software. Run the software once downloaded and verify whether the software is working properly or not or the issue of ‘Key files not found’ is solved or not.

These three methods will help you get rid of this error. But if you are still not satisfied, you can have a word with Sage technical support number. Professional experts provide you with an immediate solution, and it becomes easier for you to fix the error very soon. These executives are available 24 hours at your service, and you are free to call them whenever you want.