How to Sync Square with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based accounting software which can be accessed via a web browser by paying a monthly subscription. QuickBooks online doesn’t need any installation process and keeps the business management hassle-free. If you are looking forward to sync Square with QuickBooks, then you should keep in mind that this is a one-way integration, which means that you can import your sales transactions from Square into QuickBooks and not the other way round. If you wish to understand the process behind the integration, then you can either go through this blog or reach out to the technical executives at QuickBooks phone number.

What are the advantages of using Square and QuickBooks Online?

  • Before you start with syncing both the software, it would be great that if you looked at its advantages.
  • The information likes sales, discounts, taxes, etc. will get automatically updated in the QuickBooks online and will display you an accurate picture of the previous purchases and also about the upcoming ones
  • The payment processing feels are synced in the form of a custom report
  • Keep your books up to date by matching the bank transactions

Limitations of integrating Square with QuickBooks

  • There is no possibility of importing the details of the buyer such as name or email ID
  • Daily transaction summary is not available
  • The option of paying a QuickBooks invoice is not possible with the help of Square
  • Before you import the transactions, you cannot import it

Things that you need to check before installation

  • Now, you have read the advantages and limitations of this integration, let’s move to the procedure of syncing the software
  • Make sure that you have a login to the system by your admin credentials
  • Reboot the system before you start the installation
  • Make sure that the QuickBooks program has been installed
  • The Windows version should be 7,8,10
  • The company files should be open while the process is getting initiated

Steps to Sync Square with QuickBooks Online?

  • Login to QuickBooks Online software and then click on ‘My Apps’
  • After that navigate to Settings below the option of ‘Sync with Square’
  • Now click on ‘Run’ which is next to the manual report
  • Choose the data range of the transactions that you wish to import
  • Click on ‘Run’
How to install Commerce Sync?
  • Log in to the Square account
  • Click on ‘Apps’
  • Select ‘Commerce Sync App’ and click on the option of ‘Launch’ or ‘Get Started.’
  • Give the permission access
  • After that connect Commerce Sync to the location that has been asked for
  • After that download and run the Commerce Sync Installer in the system
  • Once the installation is complete, click on it and select ‘Run.’
  • Once again sign in to the Square account
  • Open QuickBooks company file
  • Click on Continue and then click on Done
  • Provide your billing details
  • This will initiate the 15-day trial process

The steps, as mentioned above, must be executed to sync both the applications. If the users come across any issue, they can contact QuickBooks support number and have a word with the certified experts.