How to Retrieve Old TurboTax Tax Returns?

When you talk about tax preparation, TurboTax is the first software that comes in most people’s minds. It has been playing an efficient role in helping taxpayers to prepare and file their tax returns conveniently. It is necessary to file tax online every year, and TurboTax has made this process quite easier. If you want to enjoy all the perks of this software, you must install it on your device. Already installed? It might be performing well. Do you want to get an old copy of any TurboTax return? If that’s the case, you are in the right place! The blog acts as a comprehensive guide to help you understand the steps that you can follow to retrieve previous TurboTax returns. Also, you can reach out to the experts at TurboTax technical support and seek assistance from them. They will tell you a more convenient way using which you can get your old copies back.

Steps to retrieve old copies of TurboTax returns:

Step 1: Initially, you must visit the official website of TurboTax.
Step 2: Enter the correct username and password to access your TurboTax account.
Step 3: Click the ‘Taxes’ tab and open the My Tax Timeline
Step 4: You can go through all the taxes you filed online using TurboTax
Step 5: Tap on the ‘Tax return year’ that you want to get and then go down to ‘Some things you can do’ header. Here, you have an option to alter the return
Step 6: You can download the tax returns as the PDF file.
Step 7: Now, you will have to download the tax file and print it in a .tax format.
Step 8: Select the ‘Download/print return’ option in order to download the PDF file of your tax return.
Step 9: Finally, access the PDF file and print the old return.

When you correctly implement all these steps that have been shared in this blog, you can retrieve the TurboTax file returns quickly and conveniently. There are times when users fail to do so as a problem comes in between the process. The error message that pops up is ‘TurboTax won’t let us file returns,’ and if you are facing this, it is suggested to have a word to word conversation with experts at TurboTax customer service number. The representatives will take you out of the problem very quickly, and you will soon be able to get back the returns.