How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H505?

QuickBooks error H505 causes a problem with “Multi-user hosting set up”. When a user tries to open a company file on a computer from a different computer Error H505 causes a problem.

In this blog, you will find the reasons for this problem and how you can solve this error. Contact on the QuickBooks customer care number if you face problems.

This error occurs due to various reasons in a computer:

  • If firewall security software is enabled to block the access to the computer where the company file is located.
  • If the server of Multi-User hosting is blocked and QuickBooks software is not able to detect the IP address of the computer where the company file is located.
  • QuickBooks has some corrupt and damaged files.
  • The hosting configuration is wrong.

When you can face error H505 in QuickBooks:

  • When a user tries to open a company file on a system from a different computer.
  • When QuickBooks software fails to detect the server.
  • When QuickBooks fails to contact other computers connected to Multi-User hosting.
  • When QuickBooks requires additional installation and setup.

How to Fix Error H505 in QuickBooks?

Here are some different ways how you can fix this issue.
1. Change the firewall settings
Go to “Control panel > firewall settings”. Then select allow a program through the firewall and choose QuickBooks in it. After that restart the computer to update all the changes.

2. Change the QuickBooks hosting setting
Launch the QuickBooks software on both the computer connected through Multi-User. Go to File, start utilities and stop hosting multi-user configuration. Then turn on hosting from one file located in any computer. At last restart QuickBooks on both the computer.

3. Change the QuickBooks folder location
Go to the computer which files you are opening and select the company file and move it to another location. After that try to access that file from your computer.

These were some methods how you can fix the QuickBooks error H505, but these solutions are a little complex. So, if you face any problem in that you can follow these steps in the assistance of experts. You can get these experts on QuickBooks support number.