How to Recover and Reset Deleted TurboTax Files?

TurboTax has come out to be an excellent tax preparation software available in the market that is used to fill state and federal income tax returns. All you need to do is to provide some necessary details, and it will handle all your extensive and advanced mathematical calculations easily. One can use the software for both professional and personal uses. With the help of the software, you can store the data related to income, tax, and other things and get a proper analysis of the tax structures. As you know that these files and data are extremely important, and they get deleted, it seems like a nightmare. If you would fix the matter urgently, then it’s okay. Here in this blog, you will understand the process you can use to restore and recover the deleted TurboTax files. In case you need any kind of help, you can reach out to the experts at the TurboTax phone number and ask them whatever you want.

Method 1: Get deleted files back by searching
Step 1: Tap on the Start menu and then go to ‘All programs.’
Step 2: Search for the TurboTax file you want to recover and find it
Step 3: Follow the prompts in order to restore the file back

Method 2: Remove the data backup
Step 1: You need to download the remote data backup software and open it.
Step 2: Select the backup view and then go for retrieve view
Step 3: Then, you are required to open the operation menu and type the name of the required file in the search box
Step 4: Select ‘Okay’ and then press ‘Enter’ to complete the process.

Go for the next method if you still could not recover the deleted file

Method 3: Use IRS tool to restore the deleted TurboTax files
Step 1: You would have to provide your SSN, date of birth, mailing address, and filing status.
Step 2: Enter the credit card account number, any loan, and the phone number
Step 3: Also, fill details in the required fields
Step 4: Once you submit, the tool will provide you with a transcript
Step 5: If you want, you can view, download, and take out a print of the transcript
Step 7: The transcript will also be available in the TurboTax files, and you can see it whenever you want.

These are some methods that you can apply in order to recover the deleted TurboTax files. If you still find it challenging to do so, it’s always a better option to communicate with the experts at TurboTax helpline number and get a reliable solution.