How to Install TurboTax without a CD drive in Windows 10?

TurboTax is one of the most recognized software when it comes to tax preparation, which has been helping millions of taxpayers to file their tax returns. The software comes out to be quite helpful for us to impart our tax file returns. Every year, we need to file taxes online, and because of this excellent software, the entire complicated process becomes manageable. One can understand the whole tax structure and can efficiently work on it. Well, to gain all the benefits of it, you need first to install the software on your device. If you have Windows 10, you can simply install TurboTax with the help of a CD. Wait! What? Are you looking for ways to install it without a CD? There’s a solution for that too. In this blog, you will understand the entire process of downloading and installing the TurboTax software with or without a CD drive. If you require any additional help, you can simply reach out to the experts at TurboTax help number and ask them for their advice. They will provide you with foolproof methods to help you install the software conveniently and without any hassles.

Steps to Download TurboTax on Windows 10

Step 1: You need to open your system and connect it with the internet
Step 2: Now, access the TurboTax software and download the program from there.
Step 3: Open your return in the software
Step 4: Select ‘Download’ from an online menu and follow the given prompts
Step 5: Once you complete the download process, visit the installation part.
Step 6: For any programs, you need to follow the same suggestions.

Steps to Install TurboTax on Windows 10 with a CD drive

Users may come across several problems while installing the TurboTax software on their device, and all these issues need to be resolved quickly. The process of installing the software is quite easy, and one can perform the steps easily on their own. Here, let’s first understand the methods you can use to install TurboTax with a CD drive.

Step 1: Initially, it is mandatory to close all the programs, such as the ones that include firewalls or any antivirus program.
Step 2: Then, you need to insert the CD into the optical drive of the system and click on ‘Run.’
Step 3: Click twice on the installer if you need to download the copy of TurboTax.
Step 4: Tap on the ‘Next’ option
Step 5: Then, click on ‘I agree’ to accept all the terms and conditions.
Step 6: If you need to install the software in some other location, you need to click on the ‘Change’ button and choose the desired folder.
Step 7: Finally, click on the ‘Install’ button, and it will take 3-5 minutes to install TurboTax on your device completely.

Steps to install TurboTax on Windows 10 without a CD drive

In case you want to install the TurboTax software on Windows without a CD drive, you can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to close every active program in your system; the browser you are using is no exception.
Step 2: It is also advised to disable the antivirus software on your system as it can trouble you while installing TurboTax.
Step 3: Now, go to the official TurboTax website and tap on the ‘download’ link from there.
Step 4: Once you have selected the software, click on the ‘download’ button from there.
Step 5: Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of installing the software without a CD drive.

The correct implementation of the above steps will help you install the software with or without a CD. In case it’s getting difficult for you to complete the process on your own, it is advised to connect with the professionals at the TurboTax customer service number and get reliable help.