Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Database

Sage 50 connection and network error that prevents users from connecting to the database can be frustrating because they do not allow you to open your company file. This error is generally accompanied by an error message that reads “Cannot open company file location and name.” Keep in mind that since the solutions to fix the errors requires advanced knowledge of your network, it is best that you contact Sage customer service before you take any action. You can also go through this blog to get a general idea about the steps you need to follow to rectify the issue.

Solution 1: Check the location of the file

One common reason why Sage 50 cannot connect to the database is that the file is located on a different computer or a different server. You can refer to the instructions given below to check the location of the file.

Step 1: Open Sage 50 and check if the sample company opens.
Step 2: Select the file and copy it from the server to local your PC.
Step 3: Go to the server and network settings and disable the firewall.
Step 4: Try to connect using the IP address instead of the computer name.
Step 5: Check if there are other company files on the same server and verify if they are in the same location.

In case you notice that the other company files from the same location open but the error persists you will need to reset the password to resolve the issue.

Solution 2: Set the server and workstation to private networking

One of the main reasons why users encounter an error while connecting to the database is because the server and workstation are not set up for private networking. You can refer to the steps given below to change the settings and fix the issue:

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon to the left and open the Start menu.
Step 2: Enter ‘homegroup’ in the search box and then select ‘HomeGroup.’
Step 3: Select ‘Change network location’ and click ‘Discoverable Yes.’
Step 4: Go to the WiFi or Wired network icon located in the bottom left.
Step 5: Click the ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’ option and verify if the network shows as ‘Private network’ then close the window.

Once you make the necessary changes to the network settings, you can reopen Sage 50 and check if the company will now open. If you still have trouble gaining access to your data, you can Sage 50 customer support number and ask for assistance. Experienced software technicians are available 24 hours a day to give you detailed guidelines on how to overcome any error you may encounter while using Sage 50.