How to Fix QuickBooks Printing Problems?

QuickBooks has been a highly reputed accounting software which was developed by Intuit. This software catered to a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. There are multiple mesmerizing features that the QuickBooks software brings to the users and this has been one of the core reason for the kind of reputation that QuickBooks has earned being in the market. Intuit always keeps making the QuickBooks software more and more convenient to use and constantly keeps giving out upgrades to the software. They have given great importance that the software is highly dynamic and keeps abreast with the changes taking place in the environment. This software also gives the users the benefit of having remote access by using the QuickBooks online which can be used from anywhere. Users can also connect with the QuickBooks online customer service where they can attain all the required information about this software.

There are times when the users of this software face issues when they try to print using this software. This has lately become a widespread issue with a lot of QuickBooks users facing this same issue. There is nothing to be worried if you face this issue. By going through this blog you would be able to understand this issue and you can also find basic troubleshooting methods for overcoming this issue.

Types of QuickBooks Printing Problems

  • QuickBooks Enterprise unable to print
  • Issue while trying to print QuickBooks Invoices and Cheques
  • 1099 form printing issue with QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks printing problems checks
  • QuickBooks encountering printing problems in Mac device

Steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks printing Issues

  • Try and rename the QuickBooks QBprint.qbp file and then try printing
  • If you are unable to print then you would have to attempt to print another file of the same format to ensure that the problem is with the file or the software
  • If you are able to print the other file, it must be understood that the first file would be damaged or corrupt
  • You should also try to change batch printing to single printing. This would increase the time that you would take to print but would solve the problem
  • You would also have to ensure that the printer drivers are up to date
  • Ensure that the name of the hardware would match the driver information that is the printer setup window
  • Ensure whether the printer is on a Network or Local
  • Also, make sure that there is no other printer driver installed in the system which is causing this malfunction

Verify the Printer Details of the printer setup in QuickBooks

  • The first thing to do would be to check whether the default printer setup is selected or not.
  • Go to the File option on your QuickBooks software, in which select the Printer Setup option
  • Double-check the information that has been added to the software and ensures that the information is accurate.

By following the information that has been given in this blow, you would effectively be able to solve the issue of printing problems with QuickBooks. If you find any difficulty in following any of the processes, it would be suggested to you that you connect with the QuickBooks help number, which is available throughout the day and completely free of cost. By connecting with them would be able to solve the issue at the earliest.