How to Fix QuickBooks Company Files Not Found Error?

QuickBooks is one of the most used financial accounting software available across the world.  The new-age industries run on this software to manage accounts, payrolls, and inventory to all important data. Small and medium-sized organizations depend on this software. QuickBooks are simple to use, and every year its new version is released in the market.

No technical device or program is error-free in this world. It is the most dependable software for the companies; users face technical glitches that impact their operation. One such issue is Company file missing or not found. In this blog, you will be getting detailed instructions to fix this error and causes behind it.

What are the Sources Behind Company File Not Found Error?

Before moving towards steps to solve this error, you must question yourself why it is happening. Read the following root cause behind this issue

  • If the file is placed at other location, the path would be changed to.QBW
  • The file has been removed without notification from local or network storage
  • If you accessed QuickBooks in multiple modes, then there can be some network connectivity problems
  • Choosing the wrong option to access the file

What are the Solutions to resolve Company File is Missing or Not?

There can be two conditions to eliminate Company File Missing or Not Found. You can get through them one by one.

Condition: 1 – If User Has Not Accessed QuickBooks File Over Network

Solution: 1 – Verify Network Connectivity

  • The user should identify the name of the system
  • First press, Window + R in the system and you will be directed to Run program
  • Now, type CMD and then click ENTER  to go to the command prompt window
  • After this type ipconfig/all and then press ENTER key
  • Once down, write Server Names
  • ●       Now, type PING and your server name in the next Window and then click at Enter
  • The user must look at the reply of each pocket, in case there is any packet missing, then understand clearly that there is some issue in your network
  • Use QuickBooks File Doctor to remove this issue.

If you cannot find your file through QuickBooks, then call QuickBooks customer service to eliminate such issues.

Solution: 2Find the QuickBooks Files

If you are trying to search files through a network, follow the server’s file below. If a file is stored on a local computer, you have activated these steps on that specific computer in which it is stored.

  • Mention the file extension in the search box mentioned at Windows Start Button.

*qbw (Working Files)

*qbb (Backup Files)

*qba (Accountants Copy Files)

  • After finding the right file, select it and then choose the ‘Open File Location’ option.
  • Open the file from the desired location to eliminate this error

Condition: 2 – In case you are trying to access QuickBooks Files located on the same system

Solution: 1 – Searching for All Company Files

  • If you are used to searching Company files by typing Extension at the Search Box mentioned in the Windows Start button, you must start with an asterisk (*) symbol with extension.
  • Click on Files location and choose to open it

If the file is not detected, then go with QuickBooks support number to open it.

Solution: 2Opening All Files in QuickBooks

Open Accountant’s copy carefully

  • Move to the File menu and then select  Open or Restore Company
  • Select Open  A Company File  and then press Next
  • The Next Step. Select the Company File
  • And, also choose open

Restore the QB Backup Files

  • Move to File menu and choose Open or Restore company file
  • Select the Restore the Backup File  and then hit Next
  • Also, at last, the user should select a Local Backup
  • Then, choose the company file and press Next
  • The last step is to choose the location where the restored file is saved

Restore an Accountant’s Copying File

  • Move to File Menu and choose Open or Restore A Company option
  • Then, select the option Convert and Accountant’s Copy Transfer file and then, hit Next

Select next check if it is copied or not, if not then contact IT professionals to fix this issue.