How to Fix if QuickBooks Crashes When Sending Email?

QuickBooks is one of the most amazing accounting software that is used for creating and managing invoices and statements. But there are times when QuickBooks crashes while sending the email and this error will not let you complete your task. You can go through this blog to resolve the query, or you can call QuickBooks customer care to get the help of the experts in resolving the error.

Common Causes of Email Crash Error in QuickBooks

If you are thinking of the reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the crashing email issue in QuickBooks, then they are:

  • Email preference is set up incorrectly
  • Missing or damaged windows files and components
  • Damaged QuickBooks files or damaged QB installation
  • QuickBooks fails to communicate with email service
  • The account security settings are incorrect
  • The virus hampering may delete the QB files

Steps to Solve Crashing Error in QuickBooks

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for fixing the crashing issue in the QuickBooks:

Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

  • Go to QuickBooks Help > Select Update QuickBooks > Update Now
  • You need to check the box – Reset Update and then select Get Update
  • After completion of this process, restart the QuickBooks software

Install the PDF and Print Repair Tool

Check the Settings in Webmail Preferences

  • From the menu bar, click on the Edit. > Choose Preferences> Send Forms > Choose the email account in My Preferences > Edit.
  • Mark the SSL box and make sure that the server name matches in the Server Name field
  • If you get an incorrect password error message, then fix it.
  • Follow the two-step verification to allow apps that use the less secure sign-in option.
  • You need to generate a one-time password through the 3rd party
  • Now try sending email through QuickBooks Desktop again and then enter the password received in the third-party app.
  • Then set up Outlook by getting the correct settings on your system

Set up the Secure Webmail

  • Open QuickBooks menu and then choose Edit> Preferences > Send Forms>Select Webmail, > Click Add 
  • Then choose the provider & enter the email address
  • Keep the Use Enhanced Security checked and then click OK
  • Sign in to your Intuit account with the username 

If you find difficulty while implementing these steps, then you can reach out to experts by calling the QuickBooks helpline number. This number stays available at all 24 hours, and users can reach out to them at all hours without any time and location constraints.