How to Fix Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software that is known to manage the payroll services, inventories, keep a track about the employees, and other necessary details. Since it deals with all the financial and accounting aspects, connecting it to the bank becomes essential. This ensures a smooth transaction of the money and also adding the card details for future purposes. But one of the most common issues that QuickBooks faces is Banking error 155, which occurs due to the financial institution(bank) not allowing the system to connect with its server. And it is quite familiar with Multi-factor Authentication account types. This blog shares you with detailed information about this error and how you can resolve the same manually. For technical assistance and further clarifications, you can dial QuickBooks customer care number.

Why does QuickBooks Banking error 155 occur in the first place?

Have a glimpse at the list shared below and see which reason matches with yours.

  • One of the widely accepted reason is when the bank’s server encounters some issues. Sometimes the bank changes its name and due to a problem in the server fails to update the same.
  • Disruptions in the internet connection can also cause this trouble.
  • Sometimes when some corruption or data is mishandling in QuickBooks record, it can also lead to the 155 banking error.

There are several other reasons due to which a user faces the issue. The primary ones are discussed above. Let’s move forward to an understanding of how to resolve the error manually.

Different solutions for fixing the QuickBooks Banking error 155

Here is a set of general solutions shared for the common audience and can be executed even if you are not technical geeks.

Method 1- Going for manual updates

  • Open QuickBooks software and click on Banking
  • Then, further, click on the update button
  • Select the account that you want to update
  • Enter the MFA credentials and then click on continue

Method 2- Importing and uploading the bank transactions

  • Log in to your bank’s website and download the deals/transactions
  • Once the transactions are downloaded, specify a date which is earlier than the last 90 days.
  • Select one QuickBooks supported file from the options that will be shown by the screen
  • Open QuickBooks software>Banking>Update>Upload transactions manually
  • Follow the given instructions to complete the procedure

Method 3- Noting the exact time of the updates

  • Login to QuickBooks software>Select Banking from the left menu
  • Click on the update button
  • Open Last update section to view the exact date and time of the last update

Method 4- Reset the Firewall and Internet Security Settings

  • Open the QuickBooks program main window.
  • Click on settings and then look for the program for which you wish to change the permission.
  • Change the Firewall settings accordingly

Still not able to resolve the issue? Do not worry; you can have a word with the certified experts at QuickBooks tech support if the error persists. You can reach out to the experts by dialing a toll-free number.