Guidelines on Tracking of IRS and State Tax Refund Status

Once filing their tax returns online through TurboTax, most taxpayers are concerned about discovering the answer to one question- where my tax refund is! The software does wonders in managing users’ annual tax preparation and filing process. Mostly, people get their refunds after the completion of six weeks of tax filing. In case you have filed the returns and looking for ways to check the status, you can go through the steps below to track them quickly. You can make use of the Where is My Tax Refund tool from the official IRS website. In case you need any help regarding your tax returns, you can get in touch with the TurboTax support number to have a word-to-word conversation with the techies.

Steps to get a Faster Tax Return

✔ Method 1: Prefer filing your tax online and not on paper. When you submit your tax on paper, IRS usually takes more time as compared to E-filing.
✔ Method 2: You must ask IRS to deposit your tax refund into the bank account rather than sending a check.
✔ Method 3: Do not forget to begin tracking the refund status within 24 hours after you send it to the IRS.

TurboTax Refund Tracking Guide- Where is My Tax Refund Tool

You can quickly get to know the status of your IRS or state tax refund by following two simple steps:
✔ Step 1: There are two possibilities: your tax returns will be either accepted or rejected. If you did use TurboTax software in order to file your returns, you could access your account to get to know about the status.
✔ Step 2: When IRS accepts your tax returns, only it can help you to know the status of the same with the help of ‘Where is my tax refund’ tool.

Steps to get a copy of your Tax Returns

In case you want a copy of your previous year’s return, you can go through the steps mentioned below:
✔ Access the TurboTax web page
✔ Visit Tax Home and then choose your tax returns & documents. There, you will find the years of taxes you have filed by using TurboTax.
✔ Select the year you want and then choose Download/print return PDF to find your return’s copy.

If you still have any difficulty or doubt, you can communicate with the experts regarding the same.

Process of TurboTax Tax Refund
✔ After completing 24-48 hours of e-filing, you can check your returns using IRS Where’s My Tax Refund
✔ Once your status updates to ‘Refund Approved,’ you will get a personalized refund date by IRS
✔ If you find ‘Refund Sent’ in your status, it means that IRS has deposited your refund to your bank and your bank will take around 1-5 days to send it to your account

Why your tax refund is taking too long?

There are specific reasons due to which it takes a long time for the tax refund to come:

✔ Silly typing mistakes
✔ Wrong calculations
✔ When you file more than one tax file returns
✔ Last-minute tax filing

Read the blog to understand the guidelines for tracking the IRS and state tax refunds. In case of a query, you can contact TurboTax customer service and get assistance from experts.