How to Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems?

Figuring out how to manage your personal finance? Why worry and when you have a professional tool in the market. Quicken developed by Quicken.Inc is the most widely used personal finance management tool in the market today. But despite the growing popularity and unmatchable features, Quicken might show up a few glitches while at work. One such issue is the connectivity issue, which mostly arises to bad internet speed. The most common codes flashing on the screen for such issues are OL-295, OL-296, and OL-297, which indicated the system had lost the internet connection. So, before solving the problem, let’s find out the cause of this problem:

  • If the software is not holding the latest version.
  • There might cause a severe server disruption on the system.
  • In case the privacy programs like Firewalls, AdBlockers, etc., they might not be properly organized.
  • Last but not least, due to the poor internet connection.

Now, as we know the reasons for these connectivity issues, we can try solving it by the various troubleshooting steps. You can either get your hands on the below-mentioned steps or directly get on a call with the experts at the Quicken customer support number and ask for quick assistance.

  • Check for a specific error number.
    1. Firstly, in ‘one step update summary’ search for a specific number.
    2. Do it by opening the search bar and find for the error number.
  • Verify your internet connection
    1. Before you do anything for this issue, check your internet connection which should be more than 25 Mbps in order to run the software in an efficient manner.
  • Configure all the privacy and security programs
    1. Keep a check on your connection and see if it’s safe and secure. In case, you aren’t able to access the financial institution’s website there that might be a temporary issue.
    2. Recheck the Firewall settings, in order to access the internet smoothly.
    3. Turn off the Pop Ad-Blocker and try to download the transactions after that.
  • Disable the Adware and Spyware Programs
    1. The programs like Adware and Spyware can be really unsafe for your system as they track the internet usage by the software. Moreover, the spyware program even tries to capture all the personal information of the person using and transfer the same to a third-party without even any permission. So, it is better to remove them in order to keep your system free from restrictions. 
  • Restore all the default settings
    1. Click on ‘Start’ and go to the ‘Control Panel’. You can also press on the ‘Windows Button’ and go to the control panel.
    2. Now in the internet option, then click on the ‘Network and Internet’ option.
    3. After that, open the ‘Security’ tab and choose the ‘Internet’ icon.
    4. And lastly, choose the ‘Default Level’ and save the settings.

These troubleshooting steps would surely help you solve this problem, and in case you are still stuck somewhere in the middle of resolving the issue, then you can seek Quicken technical support by our experts.

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