TurboTax Customer Service Phone Number

Phone Number: +1-855-228-6818
Call Time: 24 Hours 7 Days, also available on holidays

TurboTax is a tax preparation software which helps to manage all the tax-related files and helps to file the taxes online. It was developed by Intuit with the main focus of reducing the burden of filing the taxes through physical paperwork. This software has simplified the process to a great extent, thus simplifying the lives of the people. It provides you with tips, thus ensuring that you save the maximum of your money and avail profits. It can also generate income tax forms online. It is software that doesn’t leak your privacy, thus making the process secure. If you intend to download and install this software, then you must contact the TurboTax customer service number for acquiring the basic steps.

Common Problems with TurboTax Software

Unfortunately, the software is not free from technical glitches. The errors are usually displayed in the form of error codes. Whenever the software displays a certain kind of error code, it indicates a particular issue related to that. Let’s have a glance over the common issues related to the program.

common problems with turbotax software

If you come across any of the above-mentioned errors or any other which have not been talked about, then you should navigate to the official website and look for the troubleshooting steps or can also dial the toll-free number at TurboTax technical support number and get immediate answers.

How to Check Your Tax Refund Status

TurboTax Refund Processing service is an option available for the users who do not own a credit or debit card. It is a service which doesn’t require you to E-File and you can process all the refunds easily. You can access this service even at your smartphone via the TurboTax app. For the service to work properly, you need to keep in mind these basic statements:

  • First, you need to e-file the federal return. The refund processing service will only appear when you will have a federal tax refund and then only it is possible to deduct the fees
  • After that, you should directly deposit the refund into a single account.
  • One thing that should be kept in mind is that it can be used only once to pay the fees.
  • You must first e-file your federal return and since the refund processing service only appears if you have a federal tax refund, you can only deduct your fees from that.
  • Then you must avail the option of direct deposit your refund to a single account.
  • Keep in mind that this service can only be used once to pay your fees.
turbo tax refund

If you face any difficulty in the refund service and need to understand it more properly, then just ring the TurboTax customer care number.

How to Contact TurboTax Live Chat and Support Number

To get solutions about all the errors and glitches that might occur with TurboTax software can be resolved by contacting the TurboTax customer care service. The number stays reachable 24*7 and can be accessed at any part of the day. You just need to dial the toll-free TurboTax support number. The experts are available at your service and are trained professionally to resolve all the doubts and queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the TurboTax reset password is not working?

Passwords are known for protecting your data and maintaining privacy. If you wish to reset the password and it is not working, then you can try the following steps:

  • Go to the accounts recovery page
  • Select any one-phone number/email address
  • Now proceed as per online instructions
  • You can reset the password with the recovery code that you will receive.

What can be done of the software doesn’t allow you for file returns?

You can try these steps if encountering the particular problem:

  • Select the file
  • Now choose the Net file CRA section
  • Proceed with the verification steps and agreeing on the terms and conditions.

Can TurboTax software be purchased for free?

Yes, the software can be purchased for free. You would have to use the same version if you would opt for the free version. But if you go for the paid version of this software, then you would be required to purchase it every year.

There can be many more questions that might be popping up in your mind. For any questions, no matter who petty they are, you just need to dial the TurboTax helpline number.